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June 16 2017

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98% of Black Panther consists of talented, badass black cast. And then there’s the awkward white 2% - Gollum and Bilbo apparently looking for the one ring in Wakanda. 









Overhead while walking to the parking lot, on campus: an actual real-life college-student + sugar daddy AU in the making:

Male College Student: so I think my roommate’s older brother is, like, hitting on me.

Female College Student: really??

Male Student: yeah, well…like, he’s like helping us out with rent and stuff? And he, like, wants to hang out a lot…like, even with just me, like, Roommate isn’t even there…and then he bought Roommate’s books for next semester, except he asked if I wanted to come to the bookstore, and then he bought my books. Like, I didn’t let him buy all of them ‘cause I felt weird. But then he bought me dinner. So, like…

Female Student: (half-joking) is he hot?

Male Student: uhhh…I guess? Yeah. Maybe. I mean, I dunno.

Female Student: wait, though, is this like a creepy thing? Is he creepy?

Male Student: no! No, dude, he’s not like–like he’s actually a pretty cool guy, like he’s paying for Roommate to go to college and helping us out, and he’s all smart, like he’s a lawyer and shit, and he’s, like, chill, y'know, and–

Female Student: oh my god you like, LIKE him.

Male Student: (loudly enough that heads turn) I’M NOT GAY.

Female Student: you totally like him!

Male Student: BUT I’M NOT GAY.

Female Student: you’re, like, gay FOR HIM.

Male Student: (stops walking) BUT–FUCK.

Female Student: you could, like, be dating a lawyer!

…at which point, because they’d stopped walking, I had to maneuver around them and pretend I’d not been eavesdropping, and find my car.

We may never know the outcome, but I like to think that Sudden Epiphany College Student and Roommate’s Hot Lawyer Older Brother are now happily dating. (I also wonder what Roommate thinks of this–as a friend I imagine he is pleased–and whether he was secretly hoping for this outcome.)

Anyway, though: imagine your OTP. :D

Just to provide slightly more context, now that I’m home and not posting from my phone:

1 - I teach at a college in Southern California, in Orange County. Yes, the O.C. Which perhaps helps set the scene, and;

2 - neither of them had been in my class, I just happened to be walking behind them at the right time;

3 - Female Student was tiny, adorable, delighted, and, best guess, about thirty seconds from pulling out a phone and calling Roommate’s Hot Lawyer Brother just to make sure these two idiots got their act together;

4 - Male Student’s concluding “FUCK” contained such profound layers of emotion–dismay, dawning realization, personal thunderstruck revelation, hope–that no words can do it justice here.

This is beautiful.

I want to know what happened next so fucking bad omg

Me too holy shit

If we don’t get an update on this, the campus is going to be overrun with a mob of Tumblrites demanding to know if the Sudden Epiphany Student is dating Hot Lawyer Brother.

I wish I knew! I have not seen either student since, at least not that I’ve noticed, and they weren’t in my class, so I don’t know them. I like to think, because I am a romantic, that this epiphany led to mutually confessed Feelings and a Happily Ever After. I’m pretty sure Female Student Friend was thinking up ways to ensure that this would be the case, from her excitement. :-)

June 15 2017

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Neighborhood dogs love the UPS guy. [full video]

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me when people say cats are mean and don’t know how to love

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Walking in on the wrong class

I found this far more hilarious than I should have

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little gifts for the bae.

#and then there’s asami

Bolin: Classic romantic
Aang: Thoughtful romantic
Sokka: ‘I tried’ romantic
Zuko: ‘I literally just found this next to me’ romantic
Asami: Fuck y’all I’m rich romantic

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As I get older I’m finding that a lot of the “intellectuals” I used to admire are actually just condescending and pretentious. And also realizing how much more important it is to be present, considerate, and empathetic because nobody really knows what they’re talking about and anyone who claims to know everything about anything is feeding you bs.

“When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people.”

- Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

I am also realizing that actual intellectuals make their subjects easy to understand, and faux intelectuals will attempt to baffle.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

- Albert Einstein

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freelance life

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Captain, I believe you have made the right decision. If I can be of assistance, I would be happy to accompany you on the away team.

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this picture gave me at least 3 discrete phobias

@gnomerestforthewicked the LA experience
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this is either from poland or russia theres also an off chance this is from kentucky


reblog if youre still not over the library of alexandria

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