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my dad took me to see sharkboy and lavagirl when it came out and it was my first 3D movie and i was so amazed. when i got home i said “dad i wanna draw 3D pictures!” and he laughed in that parent way that means “haha okay you do that kid. you can’t really do that but okay.”

i came back half an hour later with drawings i had traced over slightly offset with red marker, then offset in the other direction with blue and gave him the 3D glasses “daddy look i did it!” “…well. you did. you sure did.” which translates to “how the fuc k”

you know originally I just reblogged this but now I wanna add my own “how the fuc k” parent story

i was like five and playing in my backyard when i saw this squirrel and for some reason the only thought that came into my five year old brain at the sight of that creature was “im gonna catch it”

and im a good kid so obviously i asked my mother’s permission first, went back inside like “hey can i” and she did that exact same “yeah sure go ahead” meaning yes, waste your time for as long as you like so i get maximum peace and quiet

anyway so i didn’t have a box on hand so i just ate like 10 mini donuts and then i used that box, went back outside, chased the squirrel around for like 45 seconds until I’d cornered it behind my house, scooped it up, and put it in the box, which i brought back in to show my mother, whose eyes popped open like “how the fuc k”

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